Sophie Layton

For me there has been one silver lining to have come out of 2020 - I've had several weeks of uninterrupted time working with and thinking about glass.  Each day during lockdown I painted with enamels onto forms made for me by Louis Thompson. These were then fired to set the colours. 

My prints are a fantastic starting point to develop my ideas for glass. In turn I am finding that glass is changing the nature of my printmaking - it is very exciting to have both 2D and 3D creative practices which are becoming circular, informing each other. A painter's canvas starts off white, but glass can be opaque, white or a variety of shapes, smooth or shiny, textured or matte. It can also be transparent and can create magnifying effects and can be viewed from 360 degrees. My brain boggles from the myriad choices to explore. This is just the start!